Using Ripple mouldings in historical and modern exemplar


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Frames remodelled from historical exemplars


Modern Frames


Stand up Frames

Different Frame models


Blankframes for gilders

Rippled mouldings


Archbishop Max Gandolf ~ Earl from Kuenburg

17th. Century, as seen in Museum Burg Golling


Unikatframes - J.Schiffer

Ripple moulding and Profile made from pearwood, surface blackened 

and lacquered with shellac, overlapped by base frame made from sprucewood


Hand-made stand up frame


Our Frames are unique as they are specially hand-made in the art that was used by the inventors in the past. Our speciality is creating frames using an ancient method that uses scraping technique that is complicated to bring out the unique characteristics of ripple mouldings.

The inventor of ripple mouldings (since 1600), was named Johann Schwanhardt. This carpenter who was deaf at birth originated from Rothenburg and then resided in Nürnberg later. The mouldings required a lot of strength and skill to bring out its subtle variation and character. Throughout centuries, this forms were always recognised for their beautiful and time consuming handwork

We will be very glad to make you an offer along with some new proposals for the required unique frames. We will also appreciate the possibility of having a photo composition to see the effect of the frame fitting the painting. If you have a particular historical frame in your mind and want this to be actualised, we can create this frame exactly looking like the original one.

Update:  January 2010